About the Economy & Business Growth of Abu Dhabi

By admin 0 Comment 3rd April 2019

Abu Dhabi economy is on track, according to S&P agency, as the government’s asset position counteracts the effect of oil price and the emirate’s economy is set to grow steadily, with a stable outlook. Non-oil GDP will lead growth in 2019 thanks to a slew of government measures and the UAE’s economic growth is set […]

The Top Successful Oil Companies in the Middle East

By admin 0 Comment 6th March 2019

Foreign investment is forecast to rise in 2020 as the government plans to keep an iron grip on the world’s oil, while many large consumers of oil have been scrambling to locate oil at home. The Middle East was responsible for producing about 30% of world production, split between the top eight oil-producing countries, and […]

UAE – Overview on the Gas Sector Regulations in 2019

By admin 0 Comment 6th February 2019

The United Arab Emirates’ economy is the 9th freest, as its overall score remains unchanged, with higher scores for judicial effectiveness, ranked 1st among the Middle East, so its overall score is above the world averages. But what are the primary regulations of the oil industry in the seven United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, […]

The customer journey of transformation in services

By admin 0 Comment 6th January 2019

In order to deliver an improved journey, organizations have to, and the phrase is regularly used on software investment, even though there are many definitions of the application of capabilities to products if you want to improve customer value and uncover new capabilities. To successfully initiate a broad improvement program, select the sequence that’s right […]